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bindingbookThe Technical Service Unit of the Balme Library (located on the ground floor, West Wing Extension) provides bindery service to the university community and the public.

Students may send their long essays, project works, worn-out books, etc. to the bindery to be bound for a fee.

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Offence: Failure to return borrowed materials on due date.
a. General Collection - offender shall pay a fine of 25Gp per day up to 7days; thereafter 50Gp a day plus loss of borrowing rights till books are returned.
b. Reserved / Reference Collection - hourly charge of 50Gp plus loss of borrowing rights until books are returned

Offence: Loss or misplacement of books and related materials.
Offender will pay twice the current price of the book including shipping and handling charges, plus a processing charge of GH¢ 100.00

Offence: Unlawful acquisition oflibrary materials/stealing
a. Ordinary books - Rustication for 21 days. In addition, the member shall lose borrowing rights for one semester.
b. Reference books - As in (a) above plus possible dismissal.
c. Rare books - Dismissal from University

Offence: Mutilation of books and related materials
Sanctions: Dismissal from University

Offence: Failure to return books when recalled.
Sanction: Loss of borrowing rights plus any overdue fines. In the case of a Senior Member who commits any of the above offences, a report shall be made to the Vice-Chancellor and the Registrar for appropriate sanctions to be instituted against him/her. For non-university users, use of the library will be denied and other appropriate actions taken.

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  • No book is to be written in, soiled, torn, cut, or damaged in any way.
  • Any defect in or damage to a book prior to borrowing should be reported to the library staff.
  • Users must not trace any picture or figure from any book/material.
  • Readers and borrowers will be held responsible for any damage to a book in their care and will be required to pay the appropriate cost for such damaged books.
  • Borrowers should report at once the loss of any book, and if it is not found, the borrower shall pay for the lost book.

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On behalf of the University of Ghana Library Systems (UGLS) I extend a warm welcome to UG students, faculty members and staff.

The Libraries will provide you with outstanding resources, programs, and services to support your academic and personal goals. We are committed to creating an enabling environment to support cutting-edge research as well as high quality teaching and learning.

I invite you to explore our sites and to familiarize yourselves with our resources. Examples are:

  • Sage Research Methods (supports research at all levels by providing material to guide users through every step of the research process)
  • Scopus (abstract and citation database, useful for literature search and review)
  • Annual Review (captures current understanding of a topic and sets the work in historical context)
  • ScienceDirect (full text multidisciplinary)
  • JSTOR (full text multidisciplinary)
  • Jaypeedigitals (Health sciences: Reference works, textbooks, journals, videos of surgical procedures and MCQs- Full text)
  • Ebooks (Proquest, ScienceDirect and Jaypeedigitals)
  • Endnote X9 and Mendeley Institutional Edition reference management software.

We also offer printing, bindery, photocopying and scanning services.
Please do not hesitate to contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by contacting your designated subject librarians.
Best wishes for a successful and fulfilling academic year at the University of Ghana.

Sincerely yours,
Theodosia Adanu

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