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Offences & Sanctions

Offence: Failure to return borrowed materials on due date.
a. General Collection - offender shall pay a fine of 25Gp per day up to 7days; thereafter 50Gp a day plus loss of borrowing rights till books are returned.
b. Reserved / Reference Collection - hourly charge of 50Gp plus loss of borrowing rights until books are returned

Offence: Loss or misplacement of books and related materials.
Offender will pay twice the current price of the book including shipping and handling charges, plus a processing charge of GH¢ 100.00

Offence: Unlawful acquisition oflibrary materials/stealing
a. Ordinary books - Rustication for 21 days. In addition, the member shall lose borrowing rights for one semester.
b. Reference books - As in (a) above plus possible dismissal.
c. Rare books - Dismissal from University

Offence: Mutilation of books and related materials
Sanctions: Dismissal from University

Offence: Failure to return books when recalled.
Sanction: Loss of borrowing rights plus any overdue fines. In the case of a Senior Member who commits any of the above offences, a report shall be made to the Vice-Chancellor and the Registrar for appropriate sanctions to be instituted against him/her. For non-university users, use of the library will be denied and other appropriate actions taken.