Tutorials and How-to Videos

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Tutorials and How-to Videos

Video tutorials and How-Tos are a great way to learn more about the Balme Library and other libraries in the University. On this page you will find some of the best tutorials to help students learn how to effectively use the Libraries' resources.

Video Tutorials

Protocols to be observed at Balme Library Entrance

Protocols to be observed at the Entrance to the Balme Library This video walks students through all COVID-19 protocols to be observed before entering the Balme Library. It also directs students on the use of the Self-service Bag System. (Balme Library, 2021 1:54 mins)

Balme Library Reference Hall

Here, students are exposed to the use of the UGCat which is a combined Catalogue of all the resources and materials in all the libraries in the University of Ghana Library System. Students are also introduced to the serves offered in the Reference Hall. (Balme Library, 2021 1:19 mins)

Periodicals / Exhibition Hall

This is a reading area where students can sit for their individual quite study times. (Balme Library, 2021 3:21 mins)

East Stack Shelves

This video directs students to the Balme Library Open Shelves 1 (BLOS 1) where books in the Arts and Social Sciences are shelved. (Balme Library, 2021 2:20 mins)

UN Library, Arabic Library, UN Library and Z - Room

This video directs students to the various locations in the Balme Library where UN publications, Arabic materials and books on Library and Information Science are shelved. (Balme Library, 2021 2:44 mins)

Research Commons

This video directs students to the Research Commons, a technology-equipped research environment exclusively for use by Post Graduate students of the University of Ghana. (Balme Library, 2021 2:14 mins)

Information Access Center (IAC)

This video directs students to IAC, a technology-equipped environment open to the University Community and the general public. (Balme Library, 2021 1:54 mins)

Knowledge Commons

This is a computer laboratory for the exclusive use of Undergraduate students of the University of Ghana. (Balme Library, 2021 2:12 mins)

Braille Library

This facility serves the visually impaired and other physically challenged student ts of the University. It is equipped with computers and other facilities to assist these students in their studies. (Balme Library, 2021 0:52 mins)

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