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Offences and Sanctions

The following shall constitute library offences:

a) Offence: Failure to return borrowed books and related material on due date.

  1. General Collection: Offender shall be liable to the payment of a fine of 50Gp per day up to 7 days; thereafter GH¢1.00 a day plus loss of borrowing facility till books are returned.
  2. Special Reference Libraries: Hourly charge of GH¢1.00 plus loss of borrowing facilities until books are returned.

b) Offence: Loss or misplacement of books and related materials.


Offender will pay twice the current price of the book including shipping and handling charges, plus a processing charge of GH¢100.00.

c) Offence: Unlawful acquisition of library materials / stealing.

  1. Ordinary books - Rustication for 21 days. In addition, the member shall lose borrowing rights for one semester.
  2. Reference books - As in (1) above plus possible dismissal.
  3. Rare books - Dismissal

d) Offence: Mutilation of books and related materials.


A user who commits this offence shall be dismissed from the University.

e) Offence: Failure to return books and other materials on demand. (i.e., when a book is recalled)


Suspension from the University plus any overdue fines.

In the case of a Senior Member who commits any of the above offences, a report shall be made to the Vice-Chancellor and the Registrar for appropriate sanctions to be instituted against him/her. For non-university staff, use of the library will be denied with other appropriate sanctions.

f) Flouting of the General Rules of the Library Regulation could result in the Library imposing appropriate sanctions on the offender(s), including the suspension of the use of the library.

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