The Arabic Library

The Arabic library collection was established in 1966 and re-organised in 1971.  The collection consists mainly of works in Arabic scripts irrespective of their subject content.  

The major source of the Arabic collection is through donors and some few recommended books from the Arabic Department.  Currently, the Arabic collection is about 5,000 to 6,000 books and 500 manuscripts. The Arabic manuscripts collection was a project carried out by Institute of African Studies in the 1950’s and 60’s to collect Arabic manuscripts on the history of Arabic language in Ghana and other areas in West Africa. Themes which are dealt with in the documents include Islamic law, theology and philosophy, Arabic language and poetry.

Like other materials in the library, the titles are available in the UGCat (online catalogue) but in a transliterated form. Translations of works in Arabic are placed in the main library except the Qurans which are kept in the Arabic Library.

The Arabic Library is patronized mainly by undergraduate and post graduate Arabic language students admitted by the University of Ghana and external researchers.  The library is located on the ground floor close to the main entrance.