Departments in Balme Library

The Balme Library consists of 9 departments and 1 special library for the visually and hearing impaired. 

  • Acquisitions
    The Acquisitions department orders and receives all library materials. Processing of all library materials begins in this department. 
  • Africana Library
     The department processes and stores materials from countries on the African continent. 
  • Braille Library
    It is a library for the visually and hearing impaired.
  • Cataloguing
    Library materials are processed in this department using the Sierra software from Innovative Interfaces, and sent to the shelves. 
  • Digitisation and Institutional Repository
     Deals with the collection, preservation and dissemination of digital copies of the University's intellectual output. 
  • E-Resources
     The department deals with the acquisition and management of all types of electronic resources, including government documents, commercial e-books and e-journal packages
  • Reference
    The Reference department is the first point of call for the user / reader. The library's Special Arabic Collection is part of this department.
  • Students Reference Library
     The department houses textbooks and other relevant materials including pamphlets, chapters of books and photocopied documents which have been recommended by lecturers to be placed on reserve. 
  • Technical Services
    The Technical Services Department (TSD) of the Balme Library provides bindery, and other reprographic services for the library and the university community. 
  • United Nations Regional Depository and World Bank Library
    It houses materials disseminated through the UN depository program and publications on World Bank activities.